Reuse Drilled Cuttings

Scott Energy offers a wide variety services to manage drilling waste. Our services can process brine, oil-based cuttings, and water-based cuttings. With over 20 years of specializing in solid drilling waste management, Scott is the company you can count on for all of your drilling waste management needs. 


Firmus® Process - We use our patented Firmus® Process to treat drilling waste and use it to construct drilling pads, lease roads, and tank batteries. Pads and roads constructed using the Firmus® Process have compressive strength greater than 100 PSI and are designed to last the life of the well.  The Firmus® Process is the most environmentally safe process for treating drilling waste and provides cost savings to operators when compared to traditional methods of managing drilling waste.

Duro(SM) Recycling Process - Our patented Duro(SM) Recycling Process is a versatile option for operators looking to reinforce pads in turnaround areas or near tanks. The Duro(SM) Recycling Process not only provides structural support but is also environmentally friendly.  The Duro(SM) Recycling Process saves operators money when compared to haul offs and is ideal for companies generating smaller drilling waste volumes.


Duro(SM) Process – The Duro(SM) Process is ideal for operators looking for alternatives to hauling off and do not have a need for pad reinforcement. This process offers the same environmental benefits as Duro(SM) Recycling and is cheaper, but does not include the benefit of pad reinforcement.


Pit Closure – We offer pit closures for customers looking for economical ways to dispose of waste. Our field crews make restore the pit to the surrounding contours keeping in mind potential draining issues.

Reduce cost. Lower risk & liability