Case Study - Louisiana

Louisiana – Duro(SM) Process

An operator in Louisiana was frustrated by the fact that they were restricted by their options to dispose of their oil-based cuttings. The operator did not want to pay to have the cuttings trucked and disposed at a landfill, so they reached out to Scott Energy for help in handling their solid drilling waste.

Scott Energy proposed using their patented Duro(SM) process to treat the oil-based cuttings onsite and encapsulate them in a monolith to prevent risk to the environment. The operator, after evaluating Scott’s record, credentials, and quote, decided to give Scott a pilot. Scott sampled and tested the cuttings and started the treatment process. It took Scott two days to process the waste.

At the end of the pilot, Scott provided third-party lab reports proving the cuttings were successfully treated. Additionally, the operator saved money, reduced trucking, and reduced their environmental footprint. The operator was so pleased with Scott’s work that they decided to use Scott Energy to manage all of their solid drilling waste.

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