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Is There Waste in Your Waste Plan?

May 21, 2018

According to Rigzone, 'Waste' was seen as a major inefficiency for E&P companies, and was a recurring theme at OTC 2018 (link below). The 'waste' they are referring to is inefficiency, wasted time, and wasted money. Operators are concerned that as oil prices increase, service costs and inefficiencies are inflating as well. Angela Durkin, SVP and COO for Maersk Drilling A/S, said "In order to construct one well, it takes 60 different contractors and 6,000 invoices. That's a huge amount of waste in our system and is what you have to address." 

In Scott Energy's experience, waste is a big area for waste. In other words, when it comes to drilling wastes, there is a lot of inefficiency, wasted time, and wasted money in how it is managed and handled. From poorly defined goals to misunderstood regulations and inefficient operations, treatment and disposal of drilling waste has the potential to be wasteful. We have managed drilling wastes for over 20 years, and can work with your team to develop a waste plan that meets your goals, and eliminates waste from your waste plan.

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