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A Summary of the 2017 RRC Oilfield Cleanup Program

June 13, 2018

Each year the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) submits a report to the Legislature regarding the Oilfield Cleanup Program. The Oilfield Cleanup Program is funded by the Oil and Gas Regulation and Cleanup Fund, which is funded by a production tax, to allow the RRC the financial ability to plug abandoned, orphaned oil and gas wells and to remediate abandoned, orphaned oil field sites throughout the state.

In 2017, the RRC plugged 918 wells under the Program, with well plugging expenditures totaling $11,663,683. Of the wells plugged under the Program in 2017, 41% were located in District 9, and 19% were located in District 7B, both of which cover the Barnett Shale.

In addition, the Program also conducted 218 cleanup activities at abandoned oilfield sites. Of the 218 activities, 124 were routine remediation operations, 54 were emergency operations, 33 were site assessments, and seven were pollution abatement activities. 50 of the activities were located in Districts 5&6, the districts covering East Texas.

Read the full report by clicking on the link below.

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