Liability Exposure

Scott Reduces Liability

To some operators, drilled cuttings are an afterthought, and it is easier to say “out of sight, out of mind.” However, there are long-term ramifications to improperly disposed drilled cuttings. E&P companies have several questions to consider before hauling cuttings to a third party.

  • If the cuttings are land spread/ land farmed and get into waterways, is the oil and gas company liable for the damage?
  • What are the risks associated with different disposal methods?
  • If your company buries the waste and the liner fails, can you be held responsible for leaching?
  • If you transport the cuttings to a landfill and the landfill begins to leach into waterways, how do they determine who pays for the cleanup?
  • What if the landfill produces excessive methane gas and it gets attributed to drilled cuttings?

Scott’s processes give E&P companies the peace of mind knowing the by-products of their operations are sequestered, thanks to solidification/stabilization technology. Our work is designed to last long past the life of the well, drastically reduces the risk of contamination, and eliminates the risk of commingling waste.