Cost Saving Approach

Environmental Meets Economical

Practicing proper environmental stewardship does not have to come at a premium cost. Scott Energy takes a multifaceted approach to reduce the short and long-term cost associated with managing drilled cuttings. Our approach allows you to practice environmental stewardship while also improving the bottom-line both immediate and long-term.

Immediate Cost Savings

Scott’s processes are set up to allow clients to realize immediate savings. Some of the areas where we provide savings include:


Many treatment and disposal methods involve a large amount of trucking, which usually includes exorbitant wash-out and demurrage fees. Scott’s mobile processes bring the work directly to your sites, which eliminates the vast majority of the costs associated with trucking of the waste.

Scott has partnered with E&P companies to implement cost-effective solid drilling waste solutions that reduce risk, liability, and environmental impact.

Construction Materials

Whether you use compacted soil or rock or perform soil stabilization there are significant costs associated with drilling pad and lease road construction. When Scott processes drilled cuttings to build a drilling pad or lease road, those costs are significantly reduced or altogether eliminated.

Disposal Fees

Disposal fees, which are usually charged by the barrel, ton, or cubic yard at a commercial facility, make up a large portion of the overall cost of waste disposal. By recycling your solid drilling waste, the disposal fees are replaced with recycling fees, which provides added value and benefit to your organization. Scott’s approach to solid waste treatment equates to lower costs for our clients.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Not only do Scott’s processes provide immediate cost savings, they also produce long-term value because of the best practices used to construct drilling pads and lease roads. Poorly constructed drilling pads plague the industry. Scott takes drilled cuttings and turns them into pads that last the life of the well. Scott’s pads and roads, built using the Firmus® Process, are extremely rut resistant, require less maintenance, eliminate vehicles getting stuck on location, and allow for operations during heavy precipitation and freezing temperatures. Scott’s Firmus® Process reduces the financial liability associated with drilled cuttings because it successfully treats and sequesters the contaminants within cuttings using methods designed to last thousands of years.

Reduce cost. Lower risk & liability