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Recycle Drilling Waste and Reduce Risk, Liability, and Cost

E&P executives are pressed with initiatives to cut costs, yet many fail to analyze the cost of their drilling waste management. Before using Scott Energy, our clients viewed their drilled cuttings as a useless byproduct that held potential risk and liability with significant disposal costs. They also felt the pressure to address concerns about profitability, liability, and sustainability. For more than two decades, Scott has partnered with E&P companies to implement cost-effective solid drilling waste solutions that reduce risk, liability, and environmental impact.

Scott processes turn the sunk cost associated with drilling waste into assets by using cuttings to construct pads and lease roads. Our processes are designed to diminish costly transportation fees and replace new construction material while reducing risk and liability.

Scott provides its clients detailed data for inclusion in their corporate responsibility reports. Each project that Scott performs is followed up with a report containing third-party laboratory data and applicable project information signed by a professional engineer in the state in which the work was performed. The information in the project reports allow our customers to back up their claims of environmental stewardship. The analyses show precisely what constituents are in the drill cuttings and allows our clients to establish the amount of risk they mitigated by using Scott’s processes. Clients who switch to Scott processes put their companies in an advantageous position to thrive in a low-margin market.

Reduce cost. Lower risk & liability.