Recycling Drilling Waste - Firmus® & Duro(SM) Processes

Proven and Sustainable Recycling Processes

Both the Firmus® and Duro(SM) Processes use stabilization/solidification (S/S) to reuse mud and cuttings to meet supporting load specifications. Additionally, both processes immobilize the contaminants to reduce their leaching rate into the environment. By recycling the waste to build drilling pads and lease roads, our customers significantly reduce their costs, environmental footprint, the usage of other construction materials, and the potential for future liability from their waste. Additionally, both processes are mobile, which further reduces processing costs.

Scott Energy’s patented Firmus® Process recycles all types of drilled cuttings, including water-based cuttings and oil-based cuttings. The Firmus® Process treats drilling waste for reuse as construction material for lease roads, drilling pads, compressor station pads, tank battery farms, and other load-bearing structures. These monolithic structures allow for year round drilling and completions, despite the harshest of weather conditions. Because of the many applications the Firmus® Process provides, it is a viable recycling option. 

Our patented Duro(SM) Process is an onsite treatment option that can be used on all types of drilled cuttings and specializes in treating waste with extremely high level of contaminants. The Duro(SM) Process recycles cuttings by strategically placing treated cuttings on pads to provide structural reinforcement. Some of our customers have placed the Duro(SM) Process near tank batteries to provide extra reinforcement for truck traffic. Other customers have requested to use the Duro(SM) Process to support frac tanks and other completions equipment.

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