Drilling & Production

Field Operations

A Duro Process job near completion. This job recycled drilled cuttings and oil-based mud.

World-Class Operations

When it comes to operations, overseeing drilling waste disposal should not be something you have to actively manage yourself. Scott's reliability and expertise allow us to manage the entire solids disposal process for you. We make the solid drilling waste disposal process as easy for you. We actively manage every aspect of the solid drilling waste process, so you can get back to focusing on the tasks at hand. Additionally, we are careful to schedule projects to avoid disrupting drilling and completions operations. 

One of Scott Energy’s biggest strengths is operations. Our field crews are specifically trained to use drilled cuttings to construct lease roads and drilling pads. Our crews have years of experience using drilling waste to construct best-in-class roads and pads and have successfully completed hundreds of projects.

A typical project will involve sampling and testing the drilled cuttings, bench-scale testing for the most economical design, followed by processing and construction with quality controls throughout. We also use third-party quality assurance, and a project report stamped by a professional engineer.

We are dedicated to safety with annual accredited safety training, and have monthly unannounced safety field audits . Our safety record reflects our dedication to safety with no lost work hours.

Reduce cost. Lower risk & liability