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Experienced Drilling Waste Management 

From rigging up, to drilling the well and generating drilling waste, and having a quicker point of first sale, there is a lot to manage in oil and gas drilling and production. Within all of these jobs are opportunities to reduce costs, risks and liabilities that are not often identified. Managing drilling waste tends to be an afterthought because cuttings are viewed as an unfortunate byproduct of operations. Only Scott Energy can turn your waste liability into a valuable corporate asset. Our exclusive focus is managing drilling waste so you and your team can concentrate on your core responsibilities.

Having successfully processed hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of drilling waste, Scott specializes in working with oil and gas companies to efficiently and cost-effectively treat solid drilling waste.  The flexibility of our solutions, combined with our mobile approach, allows us to easily fit into your operations across the country. Our team of professional engineers and specifically trained field crews implement strict quality control protocols to ensure each design is successfully implemented in the field. We send job samples from the field to third party labs for quality assurance tests to certify that our processes have sequestered contaminants.

By utilizing solidification/stabilization technology, Scott significantly reduces the liability and potential pollution from solid drilling waste. Our processes treat drilled cuttings for use in the construction of drilling pads and lease roads. The finished product is similar to a low-strength concrete and results in monolithic roads and drilling pads. These roads and pads provide safer operations and all-weather accessibility.

Reduce cost. Lower risk & liability.