Our Approach To Recycling Drilling Waste

Mobile Recycling to Reduce Costs

Historically, the oil and gas industry viewed drilling waste as a useless byproduct of operations that carried a significant amount of risk and liability. The process of dealing with drilling waste was expensive and time-consuming.

Scott identified an opportunity to provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution for managing drilling waste. Blake and his father Bill saw promise in technology called solidification/stabilization - first used in the U.S. to sequester the byproducts of weapons-grade plutonium. They adapted the technology to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry, and ultimately developed a process to transform useless drilling waste into an environmentally friendly and valuable corporate asset for operators.

Scott received the first statewide mobile recycling permits awarded in Texas and Oklahoma. Additionally, our patented and proprietary processes are the first of their kind to recycle drilled cuttings into load-bearing, rut resistant structures for particular loads, weights and volumes.

Scott’s approach represents the best return on investment for solid drilling waste while reducing risk, liability and your corporate footprint.

Reduce cost. Lower risk & liability